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NHS Blood Pressure Check Service

Maintain a healthy cardiovascular system with our NHS blood pressure checks at Rutland Pharmacy. Our professionals accurately measure your blood pressure and offer lifestyle advice.

There are two levels of service provided:

  1. Blood Pressure Screening for people who have not been diagnosed with high blood pressure and are not taking any blood pressure medication. If you fall in to this category you can easily schedule an appointment on our online booking systems to monitor and manage your blood pressure effectively. Please scroll down to book your appointment.
  2. Blood Pressure Check for people who have a diagnosis of high blood pressure, or if you ARE already taking blood pressure lowering medicines. In this case you will need to ask your doctor to send a referral to ‘Rutland Late Night Pharmacy’ to have you blood pressure checked free of charge. When we receive your doctors referral, we will contact you to arrange an appointment for you.

Why choose Rutland Pharmacy for your blood pressure check?

Our services are delivered by our team of qualified pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who have been specially trained to measure blood pressure accurately using the latest calibrated equipment. We will send your doctor a copy of your blood pressure measurement for your medical records. This will save you from having to book an appointment at your doctors surgery. We will also provide you with information and advice following your blood pressure check.

What can you expect during your appointment?

During your appointment at Rutland Pharmacy in Rutland, our healthcare professional will ask you some questions about your health. You will be asked to remain seated for a few minutes to help your blood pressure settle. We will then see you in a private consultation room where we will check your blood pressure on your arms using the latest blood pressure measuring equipment. The test may need to be repeated to get the most accurate results. We will then record your information on our NHS computer systems, this information will be automatically sent to your doctor to be included in your medical records. We will answer any questions you have about your blood pressure and general health.

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How to book an appointment at Rutland Pharmacy

  1. If you have never been diagnosed with high blood pressure then you can book an appointment using our online booking system below. You will not be charged for this service.
  2. If you are already diagnosed with high blood pressure, or if you are taking any blood pressure lowering medicines then you must ask your doctor to send a referral to Rutland Late Night Pharmacy for a blood pressure check. We will then contact you to arrange your appointment.

Service costs:

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